FBSD 1GBit router?

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> Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 15:05:18 +0100 (CET)
> From: Ingo Flaschberger <if at xip.at>
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> Hi,
> >> ZB> - upgrade at least to 6.3.  upgrading to 7.0 might also be better, 
> >> depending
> >> ZB> on hardware choices
> >> ZB> - ensure your ethernet cards are on fast enough busses.  'em' (Intel 
> >> Ether
> >> ZB> Express 1000) flavor ports are my personal favorite
> >> ZB> - enable polling (this will make a _huge_ difference by itself)
> >> ZB> - your hardware is (likely) dual core.  Make sure every piece of 
> >> hardware in
> >> ZB> use doesn't involve any giant locks.  Under 6.x consider the mpsafenet
> >> ZB> sysctl.  This is also a point on which 7.0 will shine.
> >> 
> >> I upgrade to 7.0RC3 but still the same. 418Mbit is the roof.
> older fbsd's are faster than newer.
> How are the nic's connected to the cpu?
> lspci -v

V7 is not (in my experience) slower than V4, v5, or v6. I have run a lot
of tests at speeds MUCH higher than 1Gb. With 10Gb cards, I can sustain
transfer rates of over 9Gbps (assuming low RTT and suitable
hardware). 1Gbps is not even a challenge...even over a 100 ms. RTT.

Note that high throughput may require some tuning. Transmit and receive
windows need to be rather large if the RTT is very long at all. (See
"bandwidth-delay product" in Stevens or some other TCP reference.)
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