FreeBSD bind performance in FreeBSD 7

Kris Kennaway kris at
Mon Feb 25 21:23:40 UTC 2008

Chris wrote:
>> * 7.0 with ULE has a bug on this workload (actually to do with workloads
>> involving high interrupt rates).  It is fixed in 8.0.
> Kris can you say anything more about interrupt workload bugs on ULE?
> On all my 7.0 servers I now am using ULE even on the UP ones as it was
> said there is slight improvements for UP also but all the machines can
> get intterupts intensive, lots of high speed transfers using nic
> interrupts.  In this scenario am I better of using 4BSD?

I can't say for sure, you would have to do measurements of your 
throughput.  It probably won't matter on UP though.


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