System perforamance 4.x vs. 5.x and 6.x

Dieter freebsd at
Fri Feb 15 17:59:47 UTC 2008

> > >Dell PowerEdge 1750 1U, 146Gig U320s.  The Broadcoms seem to be a change
> > >from the earlier 1550s with intel pro/100s (I prefer the intel's).
> >
> > So this is not the same hardware as before that was running releng_4 ?
> Yes, it is actually the same physical box.

> this one has me baffled as the machine seems perfectly sane for 18 hours
> a day and can then turn into a slug from 10am-4pm (peak user activity).

Is the disk layout the same as before?  Any chance that two heavily used
partitions are now on the same drive?  Or a heavily used partition was
on the fast end of the disk and is now on the slow end?

Have you ruled out a mutex problem?

Differences in memory usage / disk cache / disk algorithms between
4.x and 6.x ?

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