System perforamance 4.x vs. 5.x and 6.x

Mike Tancsa mike at
Fri Feb 15 14:40:23 UTC 2008

At 05:27 PM 2/14/2008, Brett Bump wrote:

>stat doesn't show as much as gstat and iostat.  Gstat alwasy shows my
>drive with /var/mail being 97-100% busy and iostat will always show hi
>tps rates, but never anything above 8MB/s (4.10 gave me 30MB/s+).

If a lot of users are checking mail at once, the disk might be 
busying seeking around the disk.

>Kernel is generic with ipfirewall quota and smp (no ipfw rules yet).

I would change to pf instead of ipf as its better supported. Or just use ipfw.

>On Thu, 14 Feb 2008, Bill Moran wrote:
> > What _is_ the hardware?
>Dell PowerEdge 1750 1U, 146Gig U320s.  The Broadcoms seem to be a change
>from the earlier 1550s with intel pro/100s (I prefer the intel's).

So this is not the same hardware as before that was running releng_4 ?

>I was suspicious that maybe we needed more memory but swap has barely even
>been touched (232k used...with 1400meg inactive).

Stiill, it might help by allowing more caching... Also I would still 
increase dirhash as you are getting close to the limit.  Also, if you 
have a large master.passwd file (e.g. > 1000), try changing 
nsswitch.conf  as instructed in

We had to do this on our pop server otherwise just doing an ls in 
/var/mail would take several minutes.

> > what does
> > netstat -ni
> > give
>-bash-2.05b$ netstat -ni
>Name    Mtu Network       Address              Ipkts Ierrs    Opkts 
>Oerrs  Coll
>bge0   1500 <Link#1>      00:0f:1f:66:0e:e6 12511748   902 
>12025487     0     0
>bge0   1500 208.107.160/2    17011211     - 
>16533277     -     -
>bge1   1500 
><Link#2>      00:0f:1f:66:0e:e8  3523091   586  4089056     0     0
>bge1   1500 
>10.1.1/24           3516790     -  4087415     -     -
>lo0   16384 
><Link#3>                         4659734     0  4659733     0     0
>lo0   16384 
>fe80:3::1/64  fe80:3::1                0     -        0     -     -
>lo0   16384 
>::1/128       ::1                   2772     -     2772     -     -
>lo0   16384 
>127            147255     -   147255     -     -
> > and what options do you have on ifconfig ?  Are the errors seen on
> > your switch port as well or just in netstat -ni ?
>ifconfig_bge0="inet  netmask media 
>100baseTX mediaopt full-duplex"
>ifconfig_bge1="inet        netmask media 
>100baseTX mediaopt full-duplex"
>No, the switch shows clear, they only show up as input errors on this box.
>The box sitting under this one has an uptime of 621 days with 1 Oerr.

I seem to recall people having issues with the media selection using 
bge based nics.  e.g.

I would try using autoneg instead. There are other options that might 
not be getting set right (e.g. FC).  autoneg might take care of it 
for you, but as I said before there have been a number of bug fixes 
to the driver since 6.2.  Similarly, the ports you are using have 
known security issues from 6.2 so you are better off to start from 
6.3 and its port as you will have less patching to do.


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