max-cache-size doesn't work with 9.5.0b1

Attila Nagy bra at
Tue Feb 12 17:10:21 UTC 2008

On 02/06/08 04:57, JINMEI Tatuya / 神明達哉 wrote:
> One other usual suspect is BIND9's "acache" if you enable it and the
> server also acts as a (busy) authoritative server.  Is this the case
> for you?  (But again, it should also cause the same problem for 9.4.2,
> so I don't think this is the reason, either)
No, this is a caching only nameserver (but have some RFC1918 reverse 
zones defined as empty to overcome problems with IANA's blackhole servers).

> Then named will listen on [your_ip_address]:some_port, and you can
> browse internal statistics by accessing
> http://[your_ip_address]:some_port with your browser.  When you notice
> the memory starts growing, retrieving the information several times,
> and compare the "Memory" section at the end of the page.  If the
> memory hog is inside named, there should be significant growth in some
> of the rows accordingly.
Here are the results:
and at the end, the relevant line from top.

Is this FreeBSD leaking then?

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