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Kris Kennaway kris at
Thu Apr 17 12:31:42 UTC 2008

On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 10:47:15AM +0200, Markus Klaschka wrote:
> That's interesting cause heavy reading from NFS brought me a loadavg of 
> 70 and more if there were a lot of small files to read.
> I thought this is a normal issue about NFS...
> By the way, are all Realtek Cards for the bin or only the 8139...the 
> server has a 'RTL8169 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter'
> I mean, you all know this, if not read the comments in that file ;)
>    root at kalium:~ > grep worst /usr/src/sys/pci/if_rl.c
>    * probably the worst PCI ethernet controller ever made, with the
>    possible
> What could be configured wrong?
> What's the best way to test bandwidth if I only got one well connected 
> server? pathchar?

NFS performance is limited by several things:

* server disk I/O.  With low end disk hardware you are not going to
get good performance at high load.

* network bandwidth.  Ditto.

* NFS client and server implementation

There have been important relevant improvements in 8.0 that improve
the client performance with many concurrent processes doing NFS I/O.
Also 7.0 has much better performance than 6.x.


P.S. Load average doesn't tell you if your system is performing badly,
it tells you that the system is running many processes.

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