10GbE speeds

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Benjeman J. Meekhof wrote:
> Hi Aristedes,
> We are/were testing FreeBSD on a Dell PE2950 with a Myricom 10GB 
> PCI-Express copper CX card.  The driver seems mature.  In tests out of 
> the box, I only saw about 3Gbps from iperf (testing against a linux 
> system...and maybe there are other issues with our environment/that 
> system to tune up yet...i wouldn't take that number too seriously).
If I remember correctly there is a problem with iperf, because it 
utilize too much CPU. I saw patches flying around, and part of them are 
in FreeBSD ports collection I think.
Personally I prefer netperf for doing network tests :)
> I think some tuning could get it up to the maximum, anyways.  It 
> certainly took a little work to get our Linux systems up to the max, 
> so I would say that in general the defaults with 10G drivers on any 
> system need some work to hit the maximum bandwidth.
> -Ben
> Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
>> I have a project with 3 workstations all needing high speed access to 
>> about 6Tb of storage. In the past I've installed technology such as 
>> fibre channel connected SAN storage (using Apple's xsan) for up to a 
>> dozen workstations, but with only three workstations for this project 
>> I'm thinking about 10GbE. The workstations will be OSX and the server 
>> FreeBSD 7 with a bunch of disks in a RAID 5 or RAID 10 configuration.
>> Are 10GbE NICs and drivers significantly mature enough under FreeBSD 
>> to accomplish this? I'd need to achieve about 60MB/s transfer rate 
>> which is theoretically quite doable, as long as the drive array can 
>> keep up with three streams of that speed. I'd use netatalk, samba or 
>> nfs to share files depending on which I can eek the best speeds out of.
>> Alternatively I could populate the server with 1GbE NICs, one per 
>> workstation and use cross over cable. That way there is absolutely no 
>> contention on the network.
>> Any thoughts about the viability of this? Is 10GbE in production use 
>> with FreeBSD and does it scale well?
>> Cheers
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