Bad bind performance with FreeBSD 7

Attila Nagy bra at
Thu Apr 3 13:54:54 UTC 2008

On 2008.04.03. 15:21, Stefan Lambrev wrote:
> Greetings,
> Attila Nagy wrote:
>> On 01/29/08 11:40, Attila Nagy wrote:
>>> ps: I have an other problem. I've recently switched from a last year 
>>> 6-STABLE to 7-STABLE and got pretty bad results on the same machine 
>>> with the same bind (9.4).
>>> The graphs are here:
>> The problem still persists and now I can provide some profiling info, 
>> made by HWPMC.
> Sorry if you already answer this question, but at least I can find it 
> in the thread.
> What scheduler are you using on RELENG_7 ?
> Did you check with both schedulers (ule/4bsd) to see which one works 
> better for you?
> Also are you sure that you service the same number of requests - I see 
> that the 6.x image shows CPU usage from
> Aug 2007 and 7.x image is from Jan 2008 ...  is it possible, that you 
> have more requests and that's why your CPU usage increased?
As for the pictures: GENERIC kernels, so 4BSD on both versions (6 and 7).
As for the profiling info: 4BSD on 6, ULE on 7 (because both were 
upgraded yesterday, and ULE is now default in RELENG_7)

The pictures are from the same timeframe (what aug 2007 refers to is the 
time when the OS was compiled), the two machines were behind a per 
packet load balancer, so yes: at least in pps, they've got exactly the 
same traffic (of course it was possible be that one machine could serve 
the answer directly from the cache, while the other had to go out, but 
I've started them at the same time, so I think this effect was minimized).

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