testers wanted for PAPI / FreeBSD

Harald Servat redcrash at gmail.com
Sun May 20 10:29:24 UTC 2007


  I'm porting PAPI to FreeBSD.  I was wondering if you could give a try to
the package I'm porting. It would be great to have more feedback than just
that my laptop is able to provide me :)

  First of all, you can download the code at


  Next, see man hwpmc(4) and compile a kernel with
  options HWPMC_HOOKS
  device hwpmc

  (you'll require device apic if you're running on i386 machines).

  When you boot your dmesg should print something like
  hwpmc: TSC/1/0x20<REA> P6/2/0x1fe<USR,SYS,EDG,THR,REA,WRI,INV,QUA>

  Once the machine is up and running, just untar the file you've downloaded,
run ./configure and just run make (not make install).

  Could you send me the output of the following commands?

  # dmesg | grep hwpmc
  # utils/papi_avail
  # utils/papi_decode
  # utils/papi_native_avail
  # ctests/low-level
  # ctests/high-level

Thank you very much,
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