PAPI for FreeBSD

Harald Servat redcrash at
Fri May 18 07:57:41 UTC 2007


  I'm working on the port of PAPI (Performance API) library to FreeBSD using
Joseph Koshy's hwpmc / libpmc (see hwpmc(4) / pmc(3)).

  From the PAPI homepage:
  PAPI aims to provide the tool designer and application engineer with a
consistent interface and methodology for use of the performance counter
hardware found in most major microprocessors. PAPI enables software
engineers to see, in near real time, the relation between software
performance and processor events.

  I'm searching testers for my first version of the port because I'm only
able to test it on my laptop (FreeBSD 6.2  / Pentium M) and it would be
great to test it in other kind of processors (now it's only supported on
Pentium 2/3/4/Celeron AMD K7/8) before releasing it (and providing my
patches to PAPI developers).
  Anyone interested on doing this test, please, send me an email and I'll
reply you with some instructions to follow.

Thank you very much.
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