PERC5i throughput [was: possible issues with Dell/Perc5 raid]

Randy Schultz schulra at
Tue May 15 13:55:55 UTC 2007

On Tue, 15 May 2007, Kevin Kobb spaketh thusly:

-}These reports on poor performance using mpt seem to be on SATA
-}drives. Has anybody been seeing this using SAS drives?
-}We are testing Dell PE840s with hot swap SAS drives, and seem to get decent
-}performance, though I haven't run any benchmarks yet. Any opinions if the
-}PERC5i/mfi is a better choice than the SAS5iR/mpt combination?

Would it be possible for you to install blogbench and give it a quick run
while your system is idle?  We will be ordering a new box in 1-2 months that
we need high disk I/O capabilities.  We've been looking at the PERC5i set up
RAID 5 with 4-6 SAS drives.  I'ld be interested in what you're seeing for
throughput on the PERC5i.

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