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Thu Jun 14 11:07:26 UTC 2007

On Thursday 14 June 2007 06:59:41 Thomas Vogt wrote:
> Hi
> Thats sounds nice. You wrote "The goal of the PmcTools project is to
> provide FreeBSD's developers and system administrators with
> non-intrusive, low-overhead and innovative ways of measuring and
> analysing system performance" your website. Have you ever measured the
> performance impact of such tools?
> I'm interested to run such tool on production machines in the future but
> only if the performance impact isn't that high.

 ... even if the tool (whatever it is) does not require much system resources 
it triggers processes in order to measure their or the system's performance. 
So long as you do not push the system to or over the edge you might not get 
valuable numbers. So I mean, any performance measuring does or must stress 
the system. That is at least my understanding. So probably running 
performance tests on a production server is not the very best idea.



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