PAPI in the ports

Thomas Vogt freebsdlists at
Thu Jun 14 10:18:23 UTC 2007


Thats sounds nice. You wrote "The goal of the PmcTools project is to
provide FreeBSD's developers and system administrators with
non-intrusive, low-overhead and innovative ways of measuring and
analysing system performance" your website. Have you ever measured the
performance impact of such tools?

I'm interested to run such tool on production machines in the future but
only if the performance impact isn't that high.


Harald Servat wrote:
> Hello,
>  I'm glad to announce you that PAPI-3.5.0 has reached the FreeBSD ports
> tree and now it's generally available for all FreeBSD users.
>  Port information is available at
>  See for
> installation instructions.
>  There are some issues with P4 processors that need to be fixed on
> PAPI_write / PAPI_reset routines, but the package have the minimal (and
> most
> important functionality) working fine for the rest of the substrates.
> Regards,

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