hd device names

NOC Meganet tec at mega.net.br
Fri Jun 1 13:11:36 UTC 2007

Hi all
I am not sure if this is exactly the right list but perhaps some could point 
me to it.

I think it is not the best way having different hard disk device names. I 
think it should be generally hd or something independent of type, driver or 

Once I had trouble because I needed to change the MB and the new one called 
the first SATA ad8 and not ad4

Now I was terrible bitten by a ahd controller failure and I had no suitable 
backup card on site and decided to put an aac card in, so here it was not da 
anymore it was aacd which caused me a long down time of my cluster because 
the hardware maintainer was not trained to get the fstab change done.

So long story short question, is there any link trick so that I can prepare my 
servers for something like that otherwise I would like to make such a 
suggestion to the project people.



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