net.isr.enable mysql hangs or pc crash

NOC Meganet tec at
Sun Jan 21 20:55:54 UTC 2007


it is 5.5-Stable SMP i386, but I have not possibility to upgrade at this time, 
so I wonder if somebody might have an idea here.

net.isr.enable=1 gives me a great performance boost as long as the machine is 

I have MySQL running on it and I get two possible results 

or one of the MySQL instances occupies very fast up to 100% cpu time and soon 
or later the machine freeze, when I see it in time and can still login I see 
no specific error in any log 

or I get a sudden reboot without panic or any other advice

mostly it is the reboot what happens and it might be after 30 minutes, 
sometimes after a day, no rule at all

net.isr.enable=0 and it runs fine forever but slower

can I do something else in order to stay with it enabled?


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