network perf : em driver ?

Rich Murphey Rich at
Fri Jan 12 05:44:13 PST 2007

R. B. Riddick wrote:
> --- Patrick Proniewski <patpro at> wrote:
>> I'll give FTP a try, but I would like the network to be fast for  
>> every protocols. I'm planning to share data using NFS, WebDAV, or SMB  
>> (and scp occasionally), but I've still to choose and configure  
>> appropriate servers.
> We had that problem before: Some HTTP server implementations just dont bring
> it... :-) thttpd is quite efficient, I have heard...
> You can try
> 1. src/tools/tools/netrate/netblast
> 2. increase MTU (ifconfig em0 mtu 65536 or so; never tried that myself)
> 3. ports/benchmarks/tcpblast
> 4. build something with nc:
> server: nc -l 1234 > /dev/null
> client: dd if=/dev/zero bs=1m | nc serverIP 1234
> which will eliminate disk latency...
> -Arne

lighttpd has good support for kqueue and sendfile, so depending
on whether the measurement will include lots of http connections
or static files, it may be worth considering.  It's feature set
and code size are somewhat larger than thttpd I believe.


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