network perf : em driver ?

R. B. Riddick arne_woerner at
Fri Jan 12 02:45:43 PST 2007

--- Patrick Proniewski <patpro at> wrote:
> I'll give FTP a try, but I would like the network to be fast for  
> every protocols. I'm planning to share data using NFS, WebDAV, or SMB  
> (and scp occasionally), but I've still to choose and configure  
> appropriate servers.
We had that problem before: Some HTTP server implementations just dont bring
it... :-) thttpd is quite efficient, I have heard...

You can try
1. src/tools/tools/netrate/netblast
2. increase MTU (ifconfig em0 mtu 65536 or so; never tried that myself)
3. ports/benchmarks/tcpblast
4. build something with nc:
server: nc -l 1234 > /dev/null
client: dd if=/dev/zero bs=1m | nc serverIP 1234
which will eliminate disk latency...


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