Progress on scaling of FreeBSD on 8 CPU systems

Steven Hartland killing at
Mon Feb 26 19:37:23 UTC 2007

Andrew Hammond wrote:
> Performance is a pretty weak reason to upgrade, unless of course you
> have a performance problem. The one thing that will really push me to
> upgrade is bug fixes to stuff that I use where the risk of exposure to
> the bug outweighs the risk and cost of upgrade.

This may be the case for you but for people who are seeing
poor performance scaling this would be a very welcome upgrade.

> P.S. I know this is kinda trollish, but I don't understand the
> interest in MySQL as a load, particularly when there are more
> interesting loads such as PostgreSQL out there. Would you guys mind
> graphing the relative performance of PostgreSQL on 6.2-RELEASE and
> your patched version please?

What makes PostgreSQL more interesting? Because you use it perhaps?
I would hesitate a guess that Mysql is a very common workload
under FreeBSD likely more so than PostgreSQL and as such that
would be a very good reason for it to have particular interest
and hence focus as a good starting point.


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