WHT thread: FreeBSD vs. CentOS

Michael Vince mv at thebeastie.org
Thu Feb 8 03:34:11 UTC 2007

Scott I. Remick wrote:

>Just wanted to give those on the list a heads-up about this thread over on
>It's been going on a few months now. Apparently a number of webhosts are
>finding poor FreeBSD performance when compared with CentOS. Perhaps
>someone on here would like to pipe in with some assistance?
This filesystem benchmark for his particular raid card seems a bit silly 
to judge the whole OS on.
It could simply be that the driver for that particular raid card wasn't 
as well coded/tuned for performance for FreeBSD as the linux version, 
you can't judge a whole OS on that for the most part his server hardware 
seems a bit rare and weird.

That score on linux is not much more then 10% higher, I mean if 10% 
makes all the difference between all the possible advantages you can get 
or not get on a particular OS I think its just thinking a bit too 
square, this seems to be a bit of a epidemic way of thinking.

Its the same was of thinking when I see benchmarking with MySQL people 
can spot a difference between Linux and FreeBSD of up to 30%? when doing 
100,000 threads of queries at the same time, when most MySQL databases 
are doing around 20 threads? And in more higher cases maybe 500 threads 
at the same time max, in this ball park its impossible to see a 
difference between OS/MySQL performance.

For judging a OS on a particular performance of a particular raid card 
driver is part of the same group of thinking.
It would be nice in the future if people judge a OS with a wider range 
of factors.


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