PHP Performance problem after upgrade to 5.1.6 or 5.2.0

Thomas Hurst tom.hurst at
Sat Feb 3 19:25:28 UTC 2007

* Miroslav Lachman (000.fbsd at wrote:

> I have performance problem with PHP after upgrading from PHP 5.1.4 to
> newer version regardles if newer version is 5.1.6 or 5.2.0. I tested
> both with same result.

Every time I upgrade PHP and see a performace regregression like this,
it's been a result of forgetting to update eAccelerator, or whatever
flavour of the year PHP bytecode cache is at the time.

If you're sure your cache is loading (i.e. it shows up in phpinfo()
and isn't logging errors on startup), you might find it useful to grab
backtraces from busy processes (the source tarball includes a .gdbinit
that allows you to grab PHP backtraces too, provided you're compiling
with debug symbols enabled) to see where they might be spending their

Thomas 'Freaky' Hurst

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