freebsd vs linux: performance problem

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Thu Dec 13 20:41:21 PST 2007


Shantanu Ghosh wrote:
> --- Erich Dollansky <oceanare at> wrote:
>> Shantanu Ghosh wrote:
>>> --- Erich Dollansky <oceanare at> wrote:
>> I have had once the problem of a task moving from CPU to CPU and s 
>> performing badly on FreeBSD.
>> I am not informed how this is handled currently.
> This could be something I am facing. I noticed that when I run vmstat
> while running this code, on linux, there's hardly any perceptible
> difference in the number of context switches, but on freebsd, the
> number of context switches in the system seems to go up a bit. However,
> this is not very reliable.
> Do you know how I can check this migration?

I forgot how I checked it.
> While I have not tried it on this machine, on a single cpu machine, the
> non-SMP build of freebsd seems to perform as well as linux for this
> kind of test.

Ok, this could then be a hint that the task is simply migrating.
> Thanks a lot for your help.

No not praise the day before night falls.


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