freebsd vs linux: performance problem

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Thu Dec 13 19:33:07 PST 2007


Shantanu Ghosh wrote:
> --- Erich Dollansky <oceanare at> wrote:
>> Don't you call memcpy?
> Well, I first did - then I wrote a function to do the same, just to
> make sure that the code executed is exactly the same in both the cases.
> The difference was there both when using memcpy, and when using the
> replacement function.

Do you have Linux compatibility installed on the FreeBSD machine?

You should then be able to run the Linux binary to see what happens then.

I have had once the problem of a task moving from CPU to CPU and s 
performing badly on FreeBSD.

I am not informed how this is handled currently.

I also assume that this example is a single-threaded program which 
should perform just fine on single CPU machine.

One other thing, can you just boot up with one CPU and one core to see 
what happens then?


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