LINUX vs FreeBSD mysql performance using a large RT database

Michel Talon talon at
Fri Oct 20 21:57:21 UTC 2006

>>If this is what you measured, the results look fairly competitive.
>>Thanks for performing this real-world test and posting this info.
>As I was saying to gnn offlist, you can look at these numbers all sorts of

In fact this type of result is not surprising at all, it has already been
found by mysql specialists benchmarking Linux and FreeBSD here:
Of course one needs to look the results *after* the sentence:

I'm not big expert in FreeBSD and did not saw before. This page recommends to use libthr
instead of libthreads.
 The results with libthr looks better:
which show that, on a dual core athlon, Linux and FreeBSD are basically
equivalent. The real FreeBSD problem is that people say that it does not scale
well on more than 4 processors. But, obviously things are becoming better and
better, and machines with many processors are still not very common.
It has taken a lot of time until Solaris has been optimized to not be a mollasse,
and similarly Linux has taken some time before scaling well.


Michel TALON

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