Performance 4.x vs. 6.x

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Sun Oct 15 11:56:13 UTC 2006

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> Hi, I am hooking in here without any intention to fire things up but isn 't
> this discussion certainly useless? Not only 4.11 is gone but also i386 is
> practically marked to die out as well as UP systems are. All platforms are
> going to be 64bits and memory of 4GB or more is not so rare anymore.

you're only thinking about "pc's" - you're forgetting that there are 
general-purpose processors in wireless routers, mobile phones, mp3 
players, car navigation systems, etc, etc, and these are probably not 
going to be "64bits and memory of 4GB or more" any time soon.

for my home firewall/router, I used to use a general-purpose machine in a 
full-sized atx case, with lots of fans, and a 400W power supply.  I 
switched to a soekris box, which is completely tiny, completely silent, 
and draws about 8W, and it paid for itself in reduced power bills in a 
couple of months.  this box is also probably not going to be "64bits and 
memory of 4GB or more" any time soon either....


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