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Sat Oct 14 09:13:49 PDT 2006

On Saturday 14 October 2006 12:38, Mike Horwath wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 14, 2006 at 11:13:24AM -0300, NOC Prowip wrote:
> > Hi, I am hooking in here without any intention to fire things up but
> > isn 't this discussion certainly useless? Not only 4.11 is gone but
> > also i386 is practically marked to die out as well as UP systems
> > are.
> Wow, I hope not.

only a matter of time I guess, next year we will have 64bit quad-cores and I 
am really not sure if anybody will build 32bit versions ever again 

> Unless you are separating out i386/i486 and such.

are this dinos still serving somewhere?

> Many people refer to i386 as all 32bit x86 systems.

I would say this preference is mostly set by beeing afraid of migration  (lots 
of things can come up when migrating a production server) or by lack of money 
to buy some nasty HW ...

> > All platforms are going to be 64bits and memory of 4GB or more is
> > not so rare anymore. Allmost all AM2 MBs support already 16MB. Even
> > most professionals are not using SCSI anymore but Sata-II.
> I disagree.

I didn't say I agree but probably also only a matter of time for me

> SATA (of any gen) still does not perform like SCSI.  Let's just look
> at spindle speed alone ignoring the other benefits of SCSI.

I had no time to test it on a life webserver and probably can't do it so soon 
but I tell you that a 10K Raptor is faster then a 15K 320Mb SCSI when 
compiling world or untarring large files. Also NCQ is not reserved to SCSI 
anymore so when you see the price then it is becoming a valid option for 
small servers.



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