cacti system tuning

Guillaume silencer at
Mon Nov 13 09:35:03 UTC 2006

Mike Horwath a écrit :
> On Sun, Nov 12, 2006 at 10:56:27PM +0100, Guillaume wrote:
>> That's not a lot for a Cacti server running on this hardware !
>> Do you use cactiD as pooler ?
>> CactiD is a "C" poller to replace the php poller, the performence is
>> really higher !!
> Not in my experience using FreeBSD 4.x...
> The system I do this on today will be getting an upgrade, so the issue
> will be mitigated I hope :)
> cactid does GREAT on a small number of polls, but seems to *skip* or
> *drop* readings on higher than ~1500 polls in my experience.
> The normal PHP poller handles the 1800+ polls without issue, just
> takes 2-3x longer (and still reasonable).

I don't have too much experience with Cactid on Freebsd especially on
old version.

On my 6.1, Cactid runs very well with around 3000 pollings...


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