cacti system tuning

Eric Anderson anderson at
Fri Nov 10 13:02:23 UTC 2006

On 11/10/06 01:55, cool fire wrote:
> hi all, 
> i have my cacti running on a server of Xeon2.4GHz with 1G RAM,
> the system is running freebsd FreeBSD cacti 6.0-RELEASE-p5 FreeBSD 
> 6.0-RELEASE-p5 #0: Fri Mar 17 09:03:11 CST 2006 and havey loaded as 
> follows:
>  3:53PM  up 51 days, 22:15, 1 user, load averages: 1.97, 1.95, 1.95
> what should i do to turn this up?

You'll need to start with some additional information.  If you have 
bsdsar installed, a quick output of bsdsar -a might help.  Also, you 
should try to find out if the load is due to CPU utilization, or I/O 
(like disk) usage.  top/iostat/gstat may help you in these cases.


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