enabling hyper-threading on intel dual-core

OxY oxy at field.hu
Fri May 12 11:18:13 UTC 2006

I made some tests on i386 and amd64 system with my new hardware, and got interesting results..
benchmarked with sysbench

on i386 the test was done in 47seconds, then checked on amd64 and got incredible results!!
awesome, it worth to reinstall the whole system :)
double performance!

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  Huge performance advantage and difference between i386 and amd64 kernel.  i386 is 32-bit and amd64 is obviously 64-bit, but from my tests, the difference in performance is big - like night and day.

  In fact, this is why I'm not so versed in the Intel world - I typically only use AMD processors and love them. 

  I have had some issues with amd64 and IPSec - this was with versions 5.4 and 6.0, so I'm unclear if all of those issues have been resolved.  If you're not using IPSec though, you won't have any other problems.

  AMD64 is pretty gosh darn fast...


  On 5/11/06, OxY <oxy at field.hu> wrote:
    thanks, that was impressive :)
    i have only one question left:
    can i have any performance advantage from amd64 kernel compared to i386?
    does it worth to start again from scratch?

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