Fine-grained locking for POSIX local sockets (UNIX domain sockets)

Robert Watson rwatson at
Thu May 11 17:58:51 UTC 2006

On Thu, 11 May 2006, Scott Long wrote:

>> So I guess the real question is: do we want to merge the UNIX domain socket 
>> locking work?  The MySQL gains sound good, the performance drop under very 
>> high load seems problematic, and there are more general questions about 
>> performance with other workloads.
>> Maintaining this patch for a month or so is no problem, but as the tree 
>> changes it will get harder.
> The only thing I'm afraid of is that it'll get pushed onto the back-burner 
> once it's in CVS, and we'll have a mad scramble to fix it when it's time for 
> 7.0.  That's not a show-stopper for it going in, as there are also numerous 
> benefits.  It's just something that needs to be tracked and worked on.

I should be able to support/improve UNIX domain sockets moving forward without 
a problem -- the maintenance issue is maintaining it in P4 indefinitely, not 
in the tree indefinitely, as the patch basically touches every line in the 
file, so any change in the vendor branch (FreeBSD CVS) will put the entire 
file into conflict.  To be specific: I'll track and own this, but want to 
avoid having it in P4 indefinitely, because it will get stale :-).

Robert N M Watson

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