packet drop with intel gigabit / marwell gigabit

OxY oxy at
Sat Mar 18 12:27:28 UTC 2006

yeah, i googled these settings, but i put them back to default then!
i measured iperf performance, and it showed that the packet drop is 
on the system load..

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> OxY wrote:
>> hi!
>> i had the packet drop problem with the marwell yukon gigabitcard:
>> (system is an amd 2000+xp, 512mb ram, fbsd 6.0-p5)
> Hi--
> The changes you've made in tuning the sysctls are unreasonable on a 
> machine with
> only 512 MB of RAM; in particular:
>> net.inet.tcp.inflight.max=10737254400
> don't have 10GB of space for TCP!?!  Remove all of the tuning 
> you've done
> and start over with the default values, and then adjust those gradually if 
> doing
> so improves your situation.
>> when the apache ran, with no http, just used to share files and the 
>> traffic was
>> 2-2,5MB/S i had 14-17% packet drop on the gigabit interface..
>> with the sysctl i succesfully pulled it down to 12-14%, but it was 
>> terrible,
>> so i bought an intel pro/1000 gt.
>> with this i have 3-6% drop with same traffic load on the other 
>> interface..
>> when i stop the apache packet drop falls down to 0-0.1%, which is great.
>> but with apache it's terrible..
> Um.  What are you measuring?  If you start or stop Apache, that should 
> make no
> difference to ICMP ping testing, for example....
> -- 
> -Chuck 

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