HP Smart Array 6i opinions

kama kama at pvp.se
Wed Mar 8 05:58:32 PST 2006

I have used the whole range (or somewhat) for internal SA's. Starting with
the internal one in DL380R1 and up to G4.

Performance of 6i in freebsd is better than 5i, but worse than if you
insert a external card (6402/6404). I mostly use the internal SA as
systemdisk only on systems with a lot of disk IO. A single write is OK,
but multiple rw's are not its best side. I had some performance data a
year ago regarding the different setups, but Im afraid they are long gone

I have not have any problems with a recover. But it takes time. 18GB
~15-20 mins on 5i. dunno on 6i... I have yet to get a failure on those

http://people.freebsd.org/~jcagle/ is available. But it screams to the
console and logs when something occurs, so there are other options to
report an error.


On Mon, 27 Feb 2006, Steven Hartland wrote:

> Has anyone had any dealings with the HP Smart Array 6i?
>  Specifically looking for info on:
> * Performance
> * Disk failure recover
> * Available tools for monitoring etc.
>    Regards
>    Steve
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