Initial 6.1 questions

R. B. Riddick arne_woerner at
Wed Jun 14 21:17:27 UTC 2006

Hi boys and girls! *giggle*

I hope the following does not sound too much like the product of a bipolar
disorder of mine...

Some years ago (in or about in 1993) I heard, that there is a computer program,
that was able to produce some mathematical theorems out of axioms (even some
new, I think; but somehow the process became quite slow somewhen, so that we
still use human mathematicians...).

Is it possible to describe important sequences in a computer (that would be in
this case those sequences, which are performance relevant; like things that
involve locks, context switches, ...) mathematically correct? The answer should
be "yes", when we omit the philosophical and the pathological perspective...

If yes: Couldn't we find nicer/faster algorithms by some kind of a directed
search in the space of all possible computer programs? I am not sure, why I
dont know of such tool on my box (most likely there is none)... Is the space
just too huge? Somehow it feels astonishing, that all relevant computer
languages are like C today, although one of my professors already in 1992 was
quite excited about his all new computer language, that finds its own
algorithm, after the program described the problem, and that mostly existed
just in his fantasy...

Or r we already using some kind of "optimal kernel generator"?



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