Is 6.x slower then 4.x ... ?

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Sun Jul 16 14:49:31 UTC 2006

I've read/seen reports on -questions about this ... especially in an SMP 
environment ...

Is there any truth to this?

One person that posted on -questions pointed out that when he tried to 
point out the difference, he was told one of:

> a. It is either your hardware sucks
> b. your benchmark application sucks

Now, I don't hold with the 'your hardware sucks' response, as long as one 
is testing on the same hardware, the hardware itself should affect the 
results between releases ...

But, is there any "officially recognized set of tests" that one can use 
that ppl here accept to negate the chances of b?

Finally, has anyone here done a set of 'accepted tests' and built up a 
report that could be linked to from the main page to refute (or 
vindicate?) the claims that the newer releases are getting slower?

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