MySQL 5.0.22 , FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE: Benchmark

David Xu davidxu at
Mon Jul 3 06:17:51 UTC 2006

Hugo Silva wrote:
> Today I decided to benchmark MySQL 5 performance on FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE.
> This server is a Dual Xeon 2.8GHz, 4GB of RAM and 2x73GB SCSI disks that 
> do 320MB/s
> For all the tests, I restarted mysqld prior to starting the test,  
> waited for about 1 minute for it to settle down, and ran super smack. 
> For the consecutive runs, I executed super-smack right after the 
> previous run ended.
> Switching from HTT to no HTT was achieved by 
> machdep.hyperthreading_allowed, and switching from/to libpthread/libthr 
> was done via libmap.conf.
> System:
> FreeBSD ?? 6.1-STABLE FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE #3: Mon Jul  3 03:10:35 UTC 
> 2006     ??@??:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/DATABASE  i386
> Here are the results:
> MySQL 5.0.22, built with BUILD_OPTIMIZED=yes and WITH_PROC_SCOPE_PTH=yes

Please don't run mysql in PROC_SCOPE with libthr, it has no benefit and
can only hurt performance, you can forcely turn it off by:

sysctl kern.threads.thr_scope=2

the proc scope support may be dropped near future in libthr, thanks for 
your evaluation.

David Xu

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