mysql performance tuning @ FreeBSD6

Mike Jakubik mikej at
Sat Jan 28 13:03:19 PST 2006

Michael Vince wrote:
> Joao Barros wrote:
>> No real difference here too...
>> I started a thread on that subject not long ago and following Robert's
>> tip setting net.inet.tcp.inflight.enable=0 yielded better results.
>> -- 
>> Joao Barros
>> _______________________________________________
> With the new TCP/IP stack replacement and major updates to the em 
> driver in FreeBSD -current this should all turn around. I believe I 
> saw a cvs commit for em a little while ago saying the new em driver 
> can achieve higher transfer rates then using em with polling enabled.
> Hopefully this stuff will make it into 6.1-Release

These test *were* done on current, and yes, all debugging features are 
off. I don't think the problem is with network card drivers.

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