Increase process number in FreeBSD 6.0

Thawan Kooburat kthawan at
Sat Feb 18 02:04:53 PST 2006

   I am using FreeBSD 6.0. My course assignment required me to
increase  process number running on a system.
   I have already modify /boot/loader.conf on following parameters

     kern.maxusers = 384
     kern.maxproc = 50000
     kern.maxprocperuid = 50000

   But after reboot maxproc and maxprocperuid is only 5278 and 4755
respectively. From my research maxproc is calculated from maxusers,
but   i think my maxproc number is limited by other factors as well.
Are there any suggestion to this problem without increasing RAM?

  My system is running on VMware and 256 MB of RAM available. The test
program create process by using fork() and child processes is put to
sleep() immediately after its creation.


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