Best RAID setup

R. B. Riddick arne_woerner at
Fri Dec 29 06:02:19 PST 2006

--- Benjamin D Adams <freebsdworld at> wrote:
> I have three SATA drives (750 GB Barracuda 7200)  I'm trying to
> figureout the best raid configuration for this.
> I'm looking for great preformance but I also want to so if one of the
> drives dies.  I can remove it and the other two will work fine.  Then
> when I buy a new drive I can just add it to the RAID setup and it will
> work again like nothing happen.
Sounds like u want to try graid3 (without gcache, since u just have 3 disks),
which can only use [2^n +1]-disks (3, 5, 9, ...), and which introduces a higher
sector size (1024 (3 disks), 2048, 4096, ...), or the more experimental graid5
( ), which might handle some
special cases more gracefully, and which serves me well since months (no real
stress on my box - just a PVR with max. 2 input channels of each about
500KB/sec; if u need install instructions, give me a note).


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