AMD64 Diablo 1.5 JDK and libthr

Michael Vince mv at
Tue Aug 1 05:24:05 UTC 2006

Greg Lewis wrote:

>On Wed, Jul 26, 2006 at 10:32:38AM +1000, Michael Vince wrote:
>>Greg Lewis wrote:
>>>On Mon, Jul 24, 2006 at 05:57:24PM +1000, Michael Vince wrote:
>>>>I just ran it for you now, lower then the others.
>>>>libc_r average hits per minute: 6,859
>>>>libc_r session average: 3,441 
>>>>libc_r transactions per minute: 2,310
>>>Is the machine UP or SMP?
>>SMP, it was rebuild using a generic 6.1 SMP kernel for all these tests, 
>>with HT turned off.
>>I did actually record load numbers per minute and Java memory usage. I 
>>didn't post these numbers as load reports via top vary greatly from the 
>>various threading libraries.
>libc_r is pretty much automatically going to lose then, since it can only
>use one of the CPUs.  It would be interesting to see the comparison on a
>UP machine.
OK I rebuilt the kernel to use GENERIC with no SMP for the Java 
performance tests.
The results between libc_r and libthr are quite similar on single CPU, 
libc_r runs faster on a single CPU over 2 and is actually one of the 
better for single CPU machines compared libpthread, as libpthread was 
surprisingly low on a single CPU.

libc_r average hits per minute: 8,841
libc_r session average:4,481
libc_r transactions per minute: 2,947

libthr average hits per minute: 9,020
libthr session average: 4,380
libthr transactions per minute: 3,004

libpthread average hits per minute: 6,128
libpthread session average: 3,139
libpthread transactions per minute: 2,043

For completeness here is a repaste of the SMP kernel results
libc_r average hits per minute: 6,859
libc_r session average: 3,441 
libc_r transactions per minute: 2,310

libthr average hits per minute: 11,581
libthr session average: 5,573
libthr transactions per minute: 3861

libpthread average hits per minute: 8,823
libpthread session average: 4,500
libpthread transactions per minute: 2891


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