mysql performance on 4 * dualcore opteron

Sven Petai hadara at
Sat Apr 8 11:02:15 UTC 2006

On Saturday 08 April 2006 13:32, David Xu wrote:
> On Saturday 08 April 2006 17:44, Michael Vince wrote:
> > I have also tried putting my Perl under libthr for a single thread log
> > analyzer and to my surprise it even could process logs faster.
> I don't know why, but I only know I did some micro optimizations in libthr,
> and the library is small and may be fully cached in L1 cache on athlon
> xp/64 CPU, don't take it seriously. ;-)
> > libthr is also really useful for actually paying attention to tops 'thr'
> > column since it does show actual true thread number activity, under
> > pthread it shows a couple and under libc_r I could have 1000 threads
> > going but top just shows 1.

Which makes me wonder if anyone has seen any realistic workload type under 
which kse library would outperform libthr ?
My experiences have always been pretty much the same as yours - everything 
seems to be faster with libthr and in the case of mysql, even more stable. 

So shouldn't libthr be made the default one instead of libkse ? 

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