Poor Samba throughput on 6.0

Nick Evans nevans at talkpoint.com
Thu Nov 10 07:32:07 PST 2005

On Thu, 10 Nov 2005 07:48:14 -0500
Mike Jakubik <mikej at rogers.com> wrote:

> Robert Watson wrote:
> > There are a number of TCP related configuration frobs on FreeBSD.  It 
> > would be quite interesting to know how modifying each of the following 
> > settings affects Samba performance:
> >
> > net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack
> > net.inet.tcp.sack.enable
> > net.inet.tcp.inflight.enable
> >
> > There has been recent evidence that the inflight bandwidth calculation 
> > is having problems generating stable performance at high bandwidth and 
> > low latency, so I might try that one first.
> I get about ~3MB/s extra, and a 16MB/s peak, with inflight disabled, 
> when downloading from the FreeBSD server to WindowsXP. An improvement, 
> but still not a desirable result. The other variables do not seem to 
> make much of a difference.
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What's the round trip time between the two devices? You might want to look at
adjusting socket buffer sizes on Windows and FreeBSD per your bandwidth delay


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