Poor Samba throughput on 6.0

Mike Jakubik mikej at rogers.com
Wed Nov 9 14:24:14 PST 2005

Arkadi Shishlov wrote:
> Joao Barros wrote:
>> On a P4 3.06GHz with HTT enabled and ULE I get the same results.
>> I get a flat line at 58% looking at the bandwith in task manager on a
>> Windows 2003 Server while doing a cached read.
>> I can get up to 70% bandwith during writes.
>> Percentages are relative to 100Mbits bandwith.
> Are you able to get better throughput from different version of FreeBSD or
> different OS (Linux) with Samba?

I have done many tests to try to determine the poor performance on my 
systems (FreeBSD-current connected directly to Windows XP via identical 
Intel Pro 1000 cards) and my only conclusion is that Samba on FreeBSD 
when talking to a Windows box is simply fubared. Im willing to bet thats 
not the case on Linux. I can get great speeds (~30MB/s) using ftp 
between the machines, but when i use Samba, i get a maximum of 11MB/s. I 
have tried playing with mtu size, samba options, polling, but there does 
not seem to be any visible bottlenecks, its just simply slow. It would 
be great if someone could get to the bottom of this, its quite frustrating.

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