SATA: RAID 5 controller recommendations

Achim Patzner ap at
Wed Nov 2 05:19:58 PST 2005

Am 02.11.2005 um 13:29 schrieb Mike Tancsa:

> At 05:47 AM 02/11/2005, Achim Patzner wrote:
>>> For SATA I have always been getting the Dell 750s (now 850s) which
>>> use the 'aac'
>>> Adaptec AdvancedRAID Controller driver, do 'man aac' for more  
>>> details.
>> Did you ever have to replace a failed drive? You might try it, just
>> to see if you're still happy afterwards.
> Thats one thing I must say about 3ware that I really like.  I have  
> been using the cards for years now and have not had issues when it  
> came to swapping out  dead drives.

Right on target. For a long time I preferred the 3ware controllers  
over Mylex, Adaptec and LSI-based products even though they were dead  
slow in comparison. Mylex tended to destroy RAID sets if one made a  
mistake exchanging dead disks, LSI controllers often forgot their  
configuration and only repaired sets if the replacement was made by  
adding a new spare to the controller (having a different SCSI id than  
the disk that was broken) and activating it and Adaptec... don't make  
me cry.

Most of our customers replaced all controllers by ICP GDT  
controllers; Adaptec having bought them and _of course_ replacing  
them by an inferior (yes, I tried the ARC series) product got me a  
bit afraid - I don't care for the price of the equipment but I need  
safe mechanisms.


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