nfs and disc-storage

Eric Anderson anderson at
Mon Mar 14 06:49:38 PST 2005

Claus Guttesen wrote:
> Hi.
> I have the option of going with an atabeast from
> nexsan, or a cx300 from dell (emc). Both have fiber.
> It will be connected to a nfs-server with some TB of
> data using a qlogic 2310 hba.
> Will the cx300 have much higher throughput compared to
> the atabeast? Which one should I go for? I'm primarily
> "concerned" with io-performance.

I know the cx300's are fast - we ended up buying JetStor's ( 16bay SATA-Fibre box, which is really snappy, and the support has been great.  They officially support FreeBSD also, and I can honestly say that of the 6 we have so far, they all have been rock solid, and snappy boxes.  

If you want the ultimate performance, get the Raptor SATA drives, and configure in a RAID0+1 configuration (more $$ though), or a RAID5 for speed but less $$.

I use these in an NFS serving environment also.


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