performance modifications

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Mon Mar 14 01:13:35 PST 2005

Hi Ray,

ray at wrote:
> Hi Erich,
>   I wrote a small test program in C that just printed a single <html>test</html>
> line and it was very slow when called as a cgi via apache.  Much slower than
> PHP.  Is there something that needs to be done in order for Apache to run C
> without having to shell out to the OS (?) or something.
I think you got already the answer to your question.

If C would be helpful, writing an Apache module could be a solution. You 
module could then be linked with Apache. I would use this only as the 
last resort.

When we use C with Apache we do not use any other scripting language. 
This allows us to remove things which make Apache big.


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