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Sun Mar 13 19:01:37 PST 2005

Hi Erich,

  I wrote a small test program in C that just printed a single <html>test</html>
line and it was very slow when called as a cgi via apache.  Much slower than
PHP.  Is there something that needs to be done in order for Apache to run C
without having to shell out to the OS (?) or something.


At 11:52 AM 3/13/2005 +0800, Erich Dollansky wrote:
| Hi,
| ray at wrote:
| > Okay, great, thanks.  I'll check into that area.  My biggest problem right now
| > is that PHP brings down the speed of everything.  I may have to go back to Perl
| > and use mod_perl or look into some other alternatives.  The main thing I wanted
| Isolate the parts with high number of hits and rewrite them in C as we 
| did in the past.
| The client was surprised what is possible.
| The effort is lower than you might expect if you have C knowledge.
| Erich

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