NFS small files

Peter Kieser pfak at
Wed Mar 9 01:40:43 GMT 2005

Copying single files are always going to take longer, because the drive 
has to seek more thus latency is introduced.


Peter Hessler wrote:

>I'm setting up an NFS server to be used for compiling, and it seems that
>while speeds are acceptable for large files, small files take much
>longer than expected.
>Copying 10000 16K files (in a directory) takes 54seconds, while copying
>a 170M single file takes 5s.
>Are there any tricks for speeding up small file performance?  I'm
>willing to give up large file performance.
> vfs.vmiodirenable=1
> kern.ipc.somaxconn=2048
> kern.maxfiles=65536
> net.isr.enable=1
> kern.ipc.nmbclusters=32768
>Kernel Conf:
> include GENERIC
> ident NFS
> options HZ=1000
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