ng_fec and cisco 2931

Michael G. Jung mikej at
Wed Mar 2 22:40:25 GMT 2005

Sorry, not subscribed but here go's....

To quote cisco

"EtherChannel load balancing can use either MAC addresses or IP addresses. Also, EtherChannel load balancing can use either source or destination, or both source and destination, addresses. The mode that you select applies to all EtherChannels that you have configured on the switch."

On older switches that I deployed this on, say the 5000 seriers which was based on MAC address only, on a Nx100 channel between two hosts throughput could never exceed "N".  So 4x100Mbit links between two hosts would never exceed 100Mbit but multiple connections across the connection would aggregate. 

In other words etherchannel does not load balance per packet across bonded ethernet connections but per connection.  Try running tests to multiple hosts from your FreeBSD box and see if you don't aggregate above 100Mbit total....

Hope this is helpful.

I'd be very curious to know if you find this is your issue.

Kind regards,

Michael Jung

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