FreeBSD 5.3 I/O Performance / Linux 2.6.10 | Continued Discussion

Petri Helenius pete at
Mon Jan 24 14:08:55 PST 2005

Are you sure you aren't comparing filesystems with different mount 
options? Async comes to mind first.


Nick Pavlica wrote:

>  I would like to start addressing some of the feedback that I have
>been given.  I started this discussion because I felt that it was
>important to share the information I discovered in my testing.  I also
>want to reiterate my earlier statement that this is not an X vs. X 
>discussion, but an attempt to better understand the results, and
>hopefully look at ways of improving the results I had with FreeBSD
>5.x.  I'm also looking forward to seeing the improvements to the 5.x
>branch as it matures.  I want to make it very clear that this is NOT A
>"Religious/Engineering War", please don't try to turn it into one.
>That said, lets move on to something more productive.  I installed
>both operating systems using as many default options as possible and
>updated them with all of the latest patches.  I was logged in via SSH
>from my workstation while running the tests.  I didn't have X, running
>on any of the installations because it wasn't need.  CPU and RAM
>utilization wasn't an issue during any of the tests, but the disk I/O
>performance was dramatically different.  Please keep in mind that I
>ran these tests over and over to see if I had consistent results.  I
>even did the same tests on other pieces of equipment not listed in my
>notes that yielded the same results time and time again.  Some have
>confirmed that they have had similar results in there testing using
>other testing tools and methods.  This makes me wounder why the gap is
>so large, and how it can be improved?
>I think that it would be beneficial to have others in this group do
>similar testing and post there results.  This may help those that are
>working on the OS itself to find trouble areas, and ways to improve
>them.  It may also help clarify many of the response questions because
>you will be able to completely control the testing environment.  I
>look forward to seeing the testing results, and any good feedback that
>helps identify specific tuning options, or bugs that need to be
>--Nick Pavlica
>--Laramie, WY
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