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Sun Jan 23 13:29:08 PST 2005

Robert Watson wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Jan 2005, Eric Anderson wrote:
>>I can tell you this - you must increase the number of nfsd threads to a
>>high number, if you plan on really hammering the machine with nfs and
>>lots of clients.  I recompiled the nfsd binary with it tweaked to allow
>>256 threads, and that still isn't quite enough.  You need something on
>>the order of: 1 per active machine using nfs * 1.10.  The hard part is
>>finding out how many active machines you have.  I usually start with
>>about 20% of my total machines mounted to the server, and then watch the
>>nfsd threads cpu time. If the lowest thread is using more than about
>>3-4% of the time of the 10-15th top nfsd process, then you need to bump
>>up the number.  That may be confusing..
> Hmm.  So it sounds like it would make sense for us to do that in the src
> tree.  Is it sufficient to simply redefine MAXNFSDCNT from 20 to 256, or
> do other things also need tweaking?

I think it would make sense.  Yes, that is the only knob to turn..  


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