High traffic NFS performance and availability problem

Eric Anderson anderson at centtech.com
Wed Feb 23 12:19:23 PST 2005

Scott Long wrote:
> David,
> Sorry for the mis-information about the AMR status earlier in the
> thread.  I forgot that I was holding off on merging the MPSAFE work to
> 5-STABLE for a bit.  LSI is getting involved in active maintainership
> again, and I'm working with them to review all of the changes so far and
> fix some of the bugs that I accidentally introduced.  Hopefully we'll
> have a resolution by the end of the week, after which I'll prepare the
> updated driver for inclusion in 5.4.

Scott - let me just say *THANKS!* - that is truly good news!  I'm a heavy user of these devices, and I sleep much better knowing there is some backing/help from the manufacturer.  

I have to ask - is there any work being done on a monitoring tool for these cards?  Forgive me if I'm overlooking one that already exists, but I couldn't find one that would work on these cards.  (Pointers are welcome!)


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